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Independent Primary Election Results Telling Tale of Campaign Priorities

On July 21, the Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) announced the results of its primary election. It’s important to note that only 1,712 registered Independents (1.75 percent) participated in the primary. However, the actual results are not nearly as interesting as the efforts of each campaign and the parties to drive up support in this year’s swing districts. Read more…


Did Social Media Determine Our Election Results?

Some people believe that money is the largest determining factor in determining the outcomes of elections. Just before the most recent Primary Election, we put together a set of election predictions based solely on dollars spent in the eight most hotly contested primaries, to determine whether money was a prominent factor determining the results of our elections. Our Social Media Manager, Jeff Newgard, followed suit with a set of predictions based on each candidate’s social media presence and their ability to build a large online following based on the number of Facebook “likes”. Read more…


2013 Election: Voters send mixed messages on public safety

Elections held in odd-numbered years are typically less eventful, especially for Oregonians, since the vast majority of mainstream elections are held in even-numbered years. However, this year there were several contentious local ballot initiatives. In this post we’re going to break down the key takeaways from Tuesday’s election and consider whether or not they are a sign for things to come.

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