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Did Social Media Determine Our Election Results?

Some people believe that money is the largest determining factor in determining the outcomes of elections. Just before the most recent Primary Election, we put together a set of election predictions based solely on dollars spent in the eight most hotly contested primaries, to determine whether money was a prominent factor determining the results of our elections. Our Social Media Manager, Jeff Newgard, followed suit with a set of predictions based on each candidate’s social media presence and their ability to build a large online following based on the number of Facebook “likes”. Read more…


What if only money determined the results of an election?

Robert Byrd, the longest serving member of Congress, once said, “It is money, money, money! Not ideas, not principles, but money that reigns supreme in American politics.”

There are two undeniable facts for a candidate as they pursue elected office: they must communicate with voters to win an election and that television, radio, direct mail, and a strong digital media presence all cost money. These two facts make a candidate’s ability to raise money an unconditional factor in promoting their message allowing them to gain support and achieve electoral victory. Read more…

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This Week: By the Numbers

House Democrats have established a significant advantage over House Republicans in terms of cash on hand. This is in part because Democrats entered the year with substantial war chests, which is not uncommon for the majority party. In terms of year-to-date contributions, House Republicans appear to be closing the gap, having out-fundraised House Democrats by more than $91K. However, because House Republicans have more contested primaries, Republicans have spent over $182K more than the Democrats, increasing the House Democrats’ cash on hand advantage as we approach the General Election. Read more…