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oregon legislature

End-Game Negotiations Remain Unsolved

Legislators, lobbyists and staff celebrated sine die with their traditional “end of session” party this week, but it’s becoming clear that adjournment continues to be in flux. Policy committees have shut down for the year, while some highly negotiated bills continue to trickle through the process. However, there’s no such thing as smooth sailing to sine die anymore and sensitive negotiations have hit stumbling blocks. Read more…


The Final Countdown

Today marked the second major deadline of the legislative session, the appropriately named Second Chamber Deadline. The deadline operates much like the previous Chamber of Origin Deadline (on April 21), and means a bill is effectively dead if it has not advanced from the committee it was referred to in the second chamber. The same committees that were exempt from the Chamber of Origin Deadline are also exempt from the Second Chamber Deadline—Rules, Revenue, and Ways & Means. The Second Chamber Deadline is perhaps more rigid than the first, for the simple fact that policy committees completely close immediately following the Second Chamber Deadline, and can no longer take action on any House or Senate bill for the remainder of session.

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