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Lawmakers scramble to beat the first deadline of session

The scramble to beat the first major deadline of the legislative session was in full force last week. The chamber of origin deadline of Tuesday, April 21, when bills must move out of their originating chamber, caused a scurry of committee hearings throughout the week as chairs asserted the power of their gavel to keep bills alive. Once the deadline comes to pass, bills remaining in the policy committees will be effectively dead barring intervention from leadership to place legislation on life support. While the stride of the building was at its highest velocity this week, there was far more drama than simply the looming deadline. Read more…


Looming chamber of origin deadline brings an end to many bills, but the games have only just begun

Today marks the first significant deadline of the current legislature. If a bill has not been scheduled for a work session in its originating chamber by the close of business today, it will be considered effectively dead. The revenue, rules and budget-writing committees do not abide by the same deadlines as other policy committees, and therefore, serve as a “life support” mechanism for leadership if they feel the need to keep a bill alive. However, most bills not moved out of their originating chambers will be considered out of play for the rest of session, finally bringing some sense of ease to the building. Do not mistake this to mean that concerns will not continue to run rampant throughout the building—the games have only just begun. Read more…