Monthly Archives: March 2015


It’s March Madness in Salem and, no, we’re not talking college basketball!

The “unfinished business” chapter of this year’s legislative session appears to be nearing its end. Over the past several months, we have seen a surge of carryover issues from the 2013 and 2014 legislative sessions. Class action reform, the low carbon fuel standard extension removal, voter registration and central assessment were all remnants of past sessions that are now completed. While there remain a select few remaining matters from the past to address, such as the measures proposed to gun control and the state-local economic development partnership known as Gain Share, the next chapter is about to begin. Read more…


Leadership works well together, despite tribulations

This week, the legislature returned to its usual chaotic pace. Although many legislators and lobbyists continued business as usual throughout the transition, a morose temperament lingers in the building. Irrespective of the upheaval in the chief executive’s office, leadership has been able to move several significant agenda items through the process with relative ease. The most notable examples include the low carbon fuel standard, voter registration and class action reform. Read more…


Contentious legislation arrives early into session

While the gubernatorial transition has gone smoother than most people anticipated, the stress of losing a governor continues to send shockwaves throughout the Capitol. We are seeing a surge of activity on contentious legislation in committees as well as on the chamber floors, something normally expected in the latter months of session, not the opening weeks. Read more…