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Dust begins to settle in Salem

The atmosphere at the Capitol this week appeared to be back to business-as-usual, despite the unprecedented events of the past several weeks and the swearing in of a new governor while session was already underway. Without all of the media attention and a brief delay for the swearing-in ceremony, you hardly would have noticed a change in the building. Committees continued to work through their policy agendas and the chamber floors deliberated on contentious issues. In fact, two of the most provocative pieces of legislation this year, the low carbon fuel standard and “motor voter registration,” were passed out of chambers this week. Read more…

Kicker graphic

Personal income tax kicker becomes likely, says state economists

Today, state economists released the revenue forecast predictions for March 2015. According to the current forecast, the state is expecting revenues to exceed the two percent personal income tax kicker threshold by approximately $59 million. Therefore, if these predictions hold true, there will be a $349.3 million kicker returned to taxpayers in 2015. Unlike kickers in the past, however, the payment will be expended in the form of a tax credit on the taxpayer’s 2015 filing. There is also a $55.7 percent corporate income tax kicker anticipated. However, due to Measure 85 (2012), the amount in excess is transferred to the State School Fund. Economists will not know for certain whether the personal income tax kicker will “kick” until all of the returns from this year are filed, which will likely be during the fall. Read more…


Oregon SOS Kate Brown to become 37th governor

Friday the 13th, the day before Oregon’s 156th birthday, turned out to be a day of bad luck for our state and Gov. John Kitzhaber. Here’s why.

Our report last week suggested that the media’s obsession with the controversy surrounding Gov. John Kitzhaber had little or no impact to the work going on in the Capitol. The polar opposite is true this week. The relentless reporting by the media as well as new information from within the Capitol has resulted in a firestorm of activity within legislative leadership. Read more…

Oregon Legislature

Clean Fuels, Governor dominate first week of legislative session

The Capitol halls abounded with legislators and lobbyists this week, eager for the legislative session to get underway. Year after year, the first week of session sets the tone for the weeks and months ahead as committees begin holding their first informational hearings on issues poised to dominate the policy and budgetary discussions. However, if the first week of this year’s legislative session is any sign of clairvoyance, this session will be different. Read more…