Monthly Archives: August 2014


Revenue Forecast: State economists hint at possibility of a kicker

Today, state economists Mark McMullen and Josh Lehner of the Office of Economic Analysis presented the September 2014 Economic and Revenue Forecast before a joint meeting of the House Revenue and Senate Finance and Revenue committees. The underlying theme of the past several forecasts has been that Oregon’s economy was finally starting to pick up speed after years of sluggish growth during the Great Recession. Read more…


Independent Primary Election Results Telling Tale of Campaign Priorities

On July 21, the Independent Party of Oregon (IPO) announced the results of its primary election. It’s important to note that only 1,712 registered Independents (1.75 percent) participated in the primary. However, the actual results are not nearly as interesting as the efforts of each campaign and the parties to drive up support in this year’s swing districts. Read more…