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Introducing Money Watch

Do you track campaign finance activity?

We do. And we know how stressful and time-consuming spreadsheet management can be. The staff time dedicated for tracking campaign finance activity takes time away that could put to better use. We would like to introduce Money Watch, our automated campaign finance tracking system.


  • Adds user-friendly functionality, such as tables and graphs, to public information made available on ORESTAR.
  • See trends of campaign finance data over time, allowing you to see contribution spikes and major expenditures.
  • District views allow you to see head-to-head match-ups for the gubernatorial and every legislative race.
  • Total views display aggregate member totals by caucus, caucus PACs, and combined match-ups.
  • See individual transactions from Money Watch, allowing you to browse through every candidate with the click of a mouse.
  • Print functionality, allowing you to prepare materials for presentations.

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Oregon Legislature adjourns sine die amidst growing pains

Over the past several weeks, we have reported on the mounting tensions growing within the legislature as they approached the final week. Typically, the attention of the legislature is consumed by final end-of-session bills, such as budget and major policy adjustments. Throughout our reporting this session, we have outlined the expectations that voters had from lawmakers as they transitioned towards annual sessions, suggesting that the short, 35-day session in even-numbered years was intended to give an opportunity for lawmakers to make slight program changes to state government and rebalance the budget. Instead, the short session has become a political playground perfect for the election season. Complicating the temperature of the legislature this week was a surprising turn of events, where rogue lobbyists tried to embarrass House Speaker Tina Kotek (D-Portland) by planting a story about her with facts that were blatantly untrue. Read more…